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Albert Baxter Behavior Matrix



Be Safe



Be Kind



Be Respectful



Be Responsible



Be Ready to Learn



All Settings





Keep all hands, feet, and other objects to yourself

Ask permission to leave the setting



Treat others the way you want to be treated

Use kind words



Follow directions the first time



Take responsibility for your words and actions



Do your best







Maintain Personal space

Follow safety procedures



Work in harmony with others



Be honest

Use inside voice

Follow class rules



Return all parent communication

Ask for help when needed



Use materials and equipment carefully

Complete and turn in all class/homework on time






Walk in a single file line

Walk on the right side of the hallway



Stop to let others pass when needed

Say "excuse me"



Walk silently to show consideration for classroom learning



Keep the area neat and clean



Walk directly to class






Stay seated

All food remains in eating areas

Eat your food only




Say "please' and "thank you"



Use inside voice while waiting in line and eating

Listen to and follow directions of noon duty aides



Clean up after yourself

Report problems to an adult



Line up on time for lunch






Keep  water and soap in the sink

Walk carefully

Wash your hands with soap



Wait patiently if all the stalls are being used



Use inside voices

Respect others' privacy

Use the facilities for intended purposes



Put your trash in the trashcan

Always flush the toilet

Report any issues to an adult immediately



Use at break times






Walk in a single file line

Remain seated and sit quietly



Make room for everyone to sit down



Respond appropriately

Listen when someone is talking



Enter and exit quietly

Follow directions



Line up on time for assemblies and return quickly to class






Walk on the concrete, run on the grass

Follow the equipment rules

Squat when the bell rings

Stay within the boundaries of the playground



Allow everyone to participate

Be a good sport

Wait patiently for your turn



Listen to adults the first time



Be a problem solver

Tell an adult if someone is or could get hurt



Walk quickly to line after the whistle



Computer Lab



Enter and exit quietly

Remain seated

Follow Internet safety guidelines



Help others to find assigned sites and programs



Use inside voice while working

Wear headphones



Use equipment appropriately and carefully

Put equipment away correctly

Leave the desktop as you found it



Use Internet for educational and academic purposes






Enter and exit silently and orderly

Walk inside the library



Recommend good books to your friends

Make room on the rug for others to sit



Use inside voice

Follow the directions of the librarian



Take care of library books

Turn books in on time



Return to class promptly



Enter/Exit Gate



Walk to gate

Wait behind gate or in grass area

Arrive at school at 8:15



Share the sidewalk with your friends as you are walking to and from school



Follow the directions of the duty teachers

Look for your parents/person picking you up



Be a good neighbor on the way to and from school

Follow street safety rules



Take home all books and materials needed to complete homework