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Completing your Data Confirmation

In order to update the school with any changes that have occurred, parents are now required to re-register their student using the Data Confirmation process. Data Confirmation through the Parent Portal opens July 1, 2019 and will remain open until September 13, 2019.  Please review the directions below for information on completing the Data Confirmation process.  Completing Data Confirmation is required for all students attending Bellflower Unified School District.

NOTE: You need to already have a Parent Portal account to complete Data Confirmation.  Please visit our Parent Portal section on the website to learn how to create an account.  If you do not have the required information to create your Parent Portal account, School Sites will reopen August 5, 2019 and be able to assist you then.

To begin Data Confirmation, click here to go to the Bellflower Unified School District Parent Portal account.  Please be sure you are using one of the following compatible web browsers:  Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

BUSD Aeries Parent Portal Log in.


1.  To start Data Confirmation process, log into the Parent Portal. Once you have logged in, you will see a message in yellow, that you have not completed the Student Data Confirmation process.  Click Here to confirm the information about your student. Click the Click Here link to start the process.

Data Confirmation Notice in Parent Portal


2.  Read the descriptions of the Family Information options and select the option that best fits the home type situation for your student. Click Confirm and Continue to move to the next step.

Data Confirmation Family Information Section


3.  You will now move on to the Student Demographics section. Click on the Change button at the bottom to make any necessary changes, then SAVE. Click Confirm and Continue to move to the next step after each area is completed.

Data Confirmation Student Section


4.  To make changes to the Medical History, click on the Change, Add, or Delete buttons, then SAVE.

Data Confirmation Medical Section


5.  Download and SAVE the documents to your computer for future reference. Complete and print out all mandatory documents needed for the new school year. To complete the step, you must also check the box to the right of the document link. If you are having difficulty with this process, please read the Using Different Browsers document on the login page.

Data Confirmation Documents Section


6.  To complete the Authorizations step, check allow/deny or yes/no, whatever best applies to your student for all listed, then SAVE.

Data Confirmation Authorizations Section


7. Final Data Confirmation - Please note you do not have to print the Emergency card to bring to your child's elementary school's office.

Data confirmation Final Data Confirmation Section


Click here for a version of these directions that is printable.