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Recognition System

An integral part of our PBIS initiative is to recognize the positive behavior shown by our students. Once appropriate behaviors have been taught, they should be acknowledged on a regular basis. Our school has developed a formal system that acknowledges positive and appropriate behavior. All staff members are able to acknowledge students’ positive behavior throughout the school day and throughout the school building. Recognition occurs on various levels as described below.

Recognition Level 1

Personified dollar

Bear Bucks

  • All staff members will issue Bear Bucks to students who have followed the Baxter Five as a form of communication and positive praise.
  • Once students have earned 5 Bear Bucks, they bring their bucks to the Bear Store each Friday at lunch recess. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their bucks.
  • All staff members will reward individual students with Bear Bucks in all settings throughout the school day for meeting behavioral expectations.

Classroom Goals

  • During the second week of school, the class will set a goal to reach for a classroom incentive. Classes that meet their goal will be announced at the end of the two week period. Teachers will set goals throughout the school year for their class and provide incentives.
Bear paw prints


Recognition Level 2

Bear Tracks

  • All staff members are encouraged to recognize individual students each week.
  • Bear Tracks notes go to office for recognition at flag salute and home to parents to communicate that students are following the Baxter 5 expectations.

Bear Cafe Points Procedures

  • Classes earn Bear Cafe points based on the colored behavior cones for following the Baxter Five: green = 20 points; yellow and back to green = 10 points; red = 0 points.
  • The class with the highest points for each lunch period earns a special lunch surprise at the end of the month.

Recognition Level 3 

A+ Bear

Baxter Bear Jamboree

  • Monthly school-wide celebration for students who have followed the Baxter Five. (No behavior violations and no missing assignments.)
  • All school celebration activities could be things such as Bingo over the intercom, special dress days, fancy lunch, extra recess, assemblies, DJ glow party, etc.

Bear of the Month

  • Teacher nominates one student every month for Bear of the Month to be recognized at a monthly awards ceremony. Parents are invited to attend.
  • Bear of the Month can be earned for being a positive role model for other students and showing the Baxter Five.

Consequence System

When students violate the behavioral expectations, staff must intervene in order to inform students of the problem behavior, teach the appropriate behavior for the particular situation, and administer corrective consequences. There is a tiered approach to discipline that includes several teacher and classroom-based interventions as well as administrator intervention. Minor behavior violations will be handled by the teacher. Major behavior violations will be handled by an administrator. The Baxter Discipline Flowchart outlines how staff will handle reported behavior concerns.

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