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School Dress Code

To provide for the safety and welfare of all students at Albert Baxter Elementary School, and to support student participation in all instructional activities in a safe, wholesome environment, the following standards have been developed as a cooperative effort of parents, teachers, students, and administration. These Board approved standards apply at school and all school activities.

  • Clothing, jewelry, or accessories may not pose a threat to the physical well-being and safety of the student or others (for example, open-toed shoes, dangling pierced earrings). Students should not wear jewelry of any significant monetary or sentimental value. 
  • Clothing should fit reasonably well and present a neat modest appearance (no bare midriffs, low-cut shirts, sagging pants, holes/rips in jeans can be no bigger than 6”, fishnet stockings, spaghetti straps, straps must be at least 1” wide, length of shorts and skirts must be past fingertips when arms are down straight and cover leggings or tights) — and allow the student to participate fully in all school activities, including running, playing, and physical education activities.
  • Clothing, jewelry or accessories/backpacks may not advertise, display, or promote any products, substances or behaviors that are prohibited at school (including but not limited to: group or gang-type wording, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, violence, obscene, disrespectful gestures, or pictures.)
  • Clothing or articles of clothing or methods of grooming (including, but not limited to, gloves, bandannas, hats, wristbands, belt buckles, chains, extreme hair styles, tattoos) related to a group or gang, which could possibly disrupt the educational process shall not be worn on campus or at any school activity.
  • Extreme hair styles (such as Mohawks, faux-hawks, etc.) are to be no more than 1 inch in length and should not disrupt the educational process.
  • Students may not wear make-up, hats, or other head coverings at school unless given permission for a school-sanctioned special activity.

The responsibility for the proper attire of all students rests with the parents/guardians. The principal, or his/her designee, shall make the determination whether or not the student is violating the school dress code. Violators of this policy shall be subject to school and/or district discipline procedures, including suspension and expulsion. If a student is wearing an article of clothing/shoes that is deemed unsafe, the parents will be contacted and appropriate clothing will need to be brought to the school. For their safety, students who are not wearing appropriate shoes will not be allowed to participate in physical activities.